• Refresh Pedicure
    Freshen up your feet with the essential pedicure (35 min)
  • Nail Grooming & Callus Care
  • Exfoliation with lemongrass sugar scrub
  • 6 mins foot massage
  • Herbal warm neck wrap
      Give your feet a dose of vitamin C to promote glowing and youthful skin (45 min)
  • Fresh citrus slice
  • Citrus sugar scrub with hot towel wrap
  • Hydration with tropical mask
  • 10 mins foot and neck massage
  • Herbal warm neck wrap
      Provide your feet new life by combining Milk protein and Honey to hydrate and nourish for silky-soft skin (55 min)
    • Soak in creamy rich Vitamin D Milk to soften your skin
    • Honey sugar scrub with hot towel wrap
    • Nourish with Deep Almond Butter Mask
    • 15 mins hot stone massage and neck massage
    • Herbal warm neck wrap
      Take a quick getaway! Boost feelings of relaxation for better sleep, mood, and overall well-being with Lavender
    • Aromatherapy and extended massage (60 min)
    • Lavender sea salt soak
    • Exfoliation with Lavender scrub.
    • Dermal transforming mask promote skin cell regeneration,
    • reducing fine lines and wrinkles
    • Paraffin Treatment that will leave feet silky smooth for days
    • 20 mins foot massage with hot stone neck massage
    • Lavender essential oil
      Treat yourself, you deserve the best! Indulge your feet in gold followed by a magnificent massage (70 min)
    • Soak your feet in Cleopatra Gold Milk Bath
    • Exfoliation with 24k Gold anti-aging sugar scrub to remove all dead skin and stimulate skin cell renewal
    • Luxurious Gold Mask
    • Hot stone massage
    • Paraffin Treatment
    • Collagen butter body Cream with Vitamin E
    • 25 mins foot & neck massage
    • Herbal Warm neck wrap